Picture 144

Life is a journey. I’ve spent years living a life set forth by parents and society. I’ve worked hard to please other people but it is impossible to please everyone so I was always disappointing someone. Several years ago, I decided I was no longer going to worry about pleasing anyone other than myself. This was a scary notion because I think we are all afraid we will be shunned if people learn our deepest secrets. However, I have found the opposite to be true. I have been shocked and amazed by the variety of people who seem drawn to me even more than before. People tell me they want to be like me & they ask me how I am so confident. Yet many also believe they cannot live their true, authentic lives.

While I’ve been on a journey to authenticity for several years, last year I read “A Course In Miracles” and realized I had many old beliefs still in place. Those beliefs were limiting me and my potential. I have changed so much in the past year I hardly recognize myself. The discovery of the joy and abundance which is filling my life motivates me to help others do the same. For years, I have tried to help people fix the parts of themselves they believed were wrong. Now, I am helping people find the love within themselves so they can give it, first, to themselves and then let if overflow to all those around them. I have discovered when I love myself all the old beliefs no longer have a place in my life. Those old beliefs leave and never return. In return, I am releasing my judgments about other people:  who they should be and how they should live. It is so wonderfully freeing to let go of believing all the “shoulds” I was taught.

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